A Stable Kind of Love: The Difference Is In the Details

You all knew this was coming. These are my favorite, favorite, favorite kinds of posts, and I am so excited to share mine with you. I know I’ve shared a few of these already, but it’s nice to have them all together.

Without further ado, here are the details of my wedding that I loved so much.

All photos courtesy of Aleksey Photography.

photo 0002

I got ready in an oversized monogrammed button-down, courtesy of Miss Lucy’s Monograms. They were so comfortable and well-made; I’m glad I gave them as bridesmaids’ gifts as well. Everybody loved them!

photo 0008

Obligatory hanging dress photo.

photo 0009

My shoes were so pretty (Badgley Mischka’s Lacie), but despite many hours of breaking them in around my apartment, they were ultimately torture instruments of the devil and I ditched them during the reception.

photo 0129

I borrowed my Alpha Delta Pi sisters’ pins for my bouquet (yes, some of them are upside down – our florist was pinning them on, and she noticed about halfway through that they were upside down. She asked if she should redo them; I said no way! I thought it was pretty fun that they were facing all different ways, sort of like how Mr. Bicycle’s bow tie was upside down.) … along with some sweet little bees!

My bees were sent to me by Mrs. Orchard, had been previously worn by Mrs. Meerkat, Mrs. Knitting, Mrs. Earrings, Mrs. Cheetah, Mrs. Zebra, Mrs. Ostrich, Mrs. Lox, Mrs. Crepe, Mrs. Cinnamon Bun, Mrs. High Wire, Mrs. Ladyfingers, Mrs. Honey, Mrs. Doily, Mrs. Dalmatian, Mrs. Mink, Mrs. Scepter, Mrs. Bracelet, Mrs. Archer, Mrs. Toadstool, Mrs. Palm Tree, Mrs. Rucksack, Mrs. Airplane, and Mrs. Jet Setter, and they are now in the lovely Miss Milk Cow’s hands. Hopefully they bring her as much wedding day good luck and happiness as they did for me and the other beautiful bees who wore them before me.

photo 0084

I know, I know, it’s a super corny thing to do, but when I saw these sample tags at my first dress fitting, I started bawling in the middle of Kleinfeld’s, so … yeah.

photo 0091

The millions of teeny, tiny buttons that gave Stallion and I so much agita after the wedding. They sure are pretty.

photo 0150

photo 0101Some of my wedding day jewelry: my engagement thing, a sterling silver bracelet that I got for my thirteenth birthday and wear every single day (and the clasp broke the morning after the wedding – weird, right?), and a sapphire and diamond bracelet that I borrowed from my great aunt. All beautiful, and all mean so much to me.

photo 0200

Stallon wore Villanova cufflinks to represent our alma mater.

photo 0029

He is so stinking cute. Anyway, all the menfolk wore Black by Vera Wang tuxes like this; each boutonniere consisted of three spray roses (white for Stallion, light purple for M and G, mixed for our dads.)

photo 0427

My grandfather passed away in 2009. He was Scottish and took great pride in his heritage. To pay homage, my dad wore his kilt pin on his boutonniere – it’s the crest of his (okay, our) clan. Clan Maclellan, for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing.

photo 0270

I just can’t get enough of our flowers. Not sorry. My bouquet consisted of white hydrangea, white garden roses, and light purple spray roses; my bridesmaids’ bouquets were purple hydrangea, white garden roses, lavender spray roses, purple lisianthus, dark purple stock, and light pink spray roses.

photo 0551

Or our ceremony arch.

photo 0549

Our ceremony programs were simple but so pretty. For those of you who don’t remember, we ordered the design from How Lovely Paper on Etsy and had them printed at PIP, a local print shop. Each program measured 4.25 by 11 inches – you know, a regular sheet of paper cut in half lengthways – and was double-sided.

photo 0546

The ceremony setup. I loved the white to lavender gradient of rose petals that our florist put down …

photo 0653

… Although it was so windy, they scattered pretty much right away. (And they were so gorgeous, it didn’t even matter.)

photo 0526

photo 0524

I loved our escort card sandbox display, surrounded by family wedding photos.

photo 0758

And our guestbook, a printed heart map of Cape May, was courtesy of Mrs. Ladyfingers’s Etsy shop, Franny and Franky Designs.

photo 0529

The pintuck detail on our linens was all Stallion. He nailed it.

photo 0527

I didn’t spend much time at our sweetheart table, but it was nice to look at.

photo 0755

I could honestly post pictures of our flowers all day and be happy.

photo 0722

We had two types of centerpieces going on. This was one of them – three small flower cubes, three candlesticks (Miss Llama called them Monet vases, which sounds way nicer!) of varying heights, plus tea lights and scattered rose petals.

photo 0543

This was the other type – one large flower cube with tea lights and scattered rose petals. So we sort of had a varied height look going on without having to spring for tall floral arrangements.

photo 0533

Our place settings –  the menus coordinated with the ceremony programs perfectly. Not that anyone noticed except me, which is basically how all wedding details work, right?

photo 0542

Guess what else coordinates? The table numbers. We popped them into black Ikea Nyttja photo frames – we had thought about buying Tolsby frames and painting them black, but it didn’t seem worth the trouble. And the Nyttja frames weren’t that much more expensive, anyway.

photo 0954

Remember the custom monogram I mentioned? There it is on the photo booth strips.

photo 0532

The ballroom, all set up and ready to rock. Since it’s still daylight in this photo, it doesn’t show off our purple uplighting to its best advantage …

photo 0807

… But this does! I’m so happy we sprung for the uplighting. It was a subtle but really elegant touch.

photo 0952

Little-known fact: a group of ADPis cannot get together without getting at least one picture throwing diamonds.

photo 0738

Who needs a cake topper when you have such gorgeous flowers?

photo 0737

I love the effect of our cake against the mirrored wall. And that cake stand – believe it or not, that’s our venue’s standard cake stand. I’m pretty sure anything would look gorgeous displayed like that.

photo 1083

Our cake looked good, but tasted better. Hopefully it tastes just as delicious when we have the top on our first anniversary. Only 272 days to go …

photo 0964

Our rings – my bands are so dainty next to Stallion’s manly man band.

photo 0966

One more gratuitous ring post, because why not?

photo 0987

I know this isn’t really a detail, but I would just like to point out how much Glenn (the lead singer of the B Street Band) resembles Bruce Springsteen. Which is a very appropriate detail when a Springsteen cover band is playing at your wedding.

photo 1024

That’s all, folks.

Detail overload? Possibly. I loved so much about my wedding, I wanted to share every last thing with you guys. I can’t believe I’m at this point – I’ve shared my planning journey, I’ve shared the big day, I’ve shared my favorite details, and in my next post, I’m really excited to give credit where credit is due. Because without the incredible vendors who put everything together for Stallion and I, none of this would have happened.

What were your favorite details from your wedding? Is there such a thing as detail overload?


Missed one? Catch up on the fun!


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