A Stable Kind of Love: We Stuff Our Faces

Just in case our guests hadn’t eaten enough at cocktail hour, there was still dinner to look forward to.

All photos courtesy of Aleksey Photography.

photo 0533

Each place setting looked something like this.

Can’t read the menu? Here’s what we had on offer:

First course: Mixed greens tossed with strawberries, walnuts, goat cheese, and honey vinaigrette

Second course: Choice of herb-crusted filet mignon topped with jumbo lump crabmeat OR bone-in chicken breast stuffed with provolone, spinach, and prosciutto, both served with roasted potatoes and fresh baby vegetables. (If I remember correctly, it was a mix of roasted carrots, zucchini, and asparagus … so good.)

Dessert: Wedding cake, Viennese pastry table, candy bar – all of which will be discussed further in my next post. Contain your excitement.

And now for the million dollar question: did I eat?

Well, hive, I tried. Our venue coordinator let us know when each course was put down at our table, we eventually made our way over to sit down and eat it, and ultimately … I still didn’t manage to eat. Through no one’s fault but my own, of course. I was so giddy and excited and nervous that, despite my best efforts (and you guys know I don’t exactly miss meals), I couldn’t manage to eat. I just wasn’t hungry. That said, the few bites I had were absolutely delicious, and in hindsight, I really wish I had tried a little harder to eat more.

photo 0765

Our sweetheart table, at which I sat for approximately ten seconds.

We had a few other things going on during dinner, as well. Once our photographer had eaten (FEED YOUR VENDORS. It’s the nice thing to do, especially when they’re working their asses off for several hours on your behalf.) he went around to take table pictures. I know it’s kind of old school, but it’s a nice idea – we’re guaranteed to have at least one photo of everyone who was at the wedding, you know?


A selection of our table photos. My guests are so beautiful.

And then in case people wanted their picture taken some more, the photo booth was open as well. I know, I know, photo booths are done to death these days, but guess what? People love them, and ours was no exception. The photo booth was consistently packed the entire night.


A selection of our photo booth’s greatest hits. (Photo booth courtesy of Boardwalk Photo Booth Rentals – god bless them for putting up with this rowdy crowd!)

You may notice that the top right photo doesn’t have any faces. That’s because it’s a safe-for-work representation of the best photo booth moment of all. Two different people on two separate occasions mooned the photo booth! I’m talking bare butt cheeks, you guys. If that’s not confirmation that our photo booth was a rousing success, I don’t know what is.

And that’s only the beginning – the party was just getting started.

Did you do table photos during dinner? Is mooning the photo booth the next big wedding trend? (I hope so.)


Missed one? Catch up on the fun!


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