A Stable Kind of Love: We Make A Grand-ish Entrance

Our private cocktail hour was fun, but we were excited to get back together with our guests and celebrate. Once everyone made their way into the ballroom, Katlyn brought us up to the adjacent alcove to prepare for our “grand entrance”.

Truthfully? I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a big entrance at all – I felt really awkward about it! But I figured I’ll never have the chance to do something like this again, so why not have fun with it? And at the end of the day, it was pretty cool.

Stallion and I are huge Bruce Springsteen fans – actually, between you and me, we went to a Springsteen concert about a month before we got engaged, and he had been acting so weird that night that I had thought he might propose then – and since we were having a Springsteen cover band play our reception, we naturally had to make our grand entrance to a Springsteen song. And what better than Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out?

I could hear everyone clapping along to the music from inside the ballroom, and I remember grabbing Stallion’s arm and whispering, “Everyone likes it!” Good thing, because they were kind of a captive audience at that point.

All photos courtesy of Aleksey Photography.

First up, Stallion’s parents …

photo 0767

Next up, my parents …

photo 0769

Now, the wedding party had asked Stallion and I if there was anything they should do when they walk in. I had no suggestions other than maybe walking, smiling, and looking pretty. I guess they were a little more ambitious than that – G, walking my sisters in, planned on twirling them both simultaneously …

photo 0772

… Which sounded cute in theory, but when they attempted to execute this dangerously complicated move, they smacked right into each other!

photo 0773

Like sister, like sister.

Fortunately, M and Z were a little more graceful!

photo 0775And last but not least, the always classy and elegant bride and groom! (For those of you who are interested, since I did not change my name, the band announced us by our first names instead of saying, “Mr. and Mrs. Whatever”.)

photo 0780

I was flailing around so violently that I knocked my hair clip right off my head, leading to this beautiful face:

photo 0782

That is what the shock and horror of realizing that your wildly overpriced hair clip has detached from your head looks like. Fortunately, I was able to shove it back into my hair and keep dancing like a fool.

photo 0785

After a minute or so (during which I was bouncing around the dance floor and yelling to Stallion, “What are we supposed to do? I feel weird!”), the music slowed down and the band announced that it was time for our first dance as husband and wife. It was time to get serious. At least, for a few minutes.

Did you opt for a grand entrance, or did you keep it low-key? Anyone else screw up their entrance?


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One thought on “A Stable Kind of Love: We Make A Grand-ish Entrance

  1. Hahahaha, this post kills me.

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