A Stable Kind of Love: Recessing and Receiving

I promised you guys a Jersey-style fist pump, and I’m going to deliver.

All photos courtesy of Aleksey Photography.

photo 0672

Classy as always.

Perhaps we were subconsciously thinking about one of the best scenes from Love Actually (which is one of the greatest movies of all time, in my humble opinion), because we chose All You Need is Love by The Beatles for our recessional. Not familiar with the scene I’m talking about? Here you go:

photo 0677

The bridal party processed out next. Instead of having the best man escort the maids of honor, we divvied up escorting duties by family – G escorted my sisters, and M escorted Z. Everyone seemed more comfortable this way, and as long as everybody got themselves from Point A to Point B, it worked for me.

photo 0678

My side – lucky G has a Filly sister on each arm!

photo 0679

Stallion’s side – Z and M.

F requested that everyone remain seated so that Katlyn and Kelsey (the Grand’s amazing wedding coordinators) could dismiss the guests by row to go through the receiving line. We figured this way, everybody could wait in their seats in relative comfort instead of standing around in potentially uncomfortable shoes, plus it would slow the crowd of people heading upstairs to cocktail hour. (Our ceremony was on the second floor sundeck, our reception was in the fifth floor Penthouse Ballroom, and the Grand has two elevators for those who don’t want to take the stairs. By slowing the crowd down, we reduced the amount of people waiting for an elevator at any given time. It worked really well!)

photo 0691

There was a lot of excited squealing.

photo 0688

And hugs – lots and lots of hugs.

The receiving line went really quickly; we greeted our 150 guests within a half hour at the absolute maximum. I think part of the reason it went so quickly is because everyone knew food and drinks were waiting for them upstairs, and who wants to waste time chatting with the bride and groom when you can be eating? It also helped that the receiving line was just Stallion and I – the wedding party and our parents were off the hook for this.

(A note on our timeline: our ceremony started at 5:30 sharp and was over by 5:45. Cocktail hour didn’t officially start until six, so the first few guests to go through our receiving line technically showed up early to cocktail hour, but they were still hosted and taken care of. The last guests to go through the line arrived at cocktail hour by 6:15, so they didn’t miss too much of the action. No gaps here, which I think people really appreciated.)

I’m so glad we opted to do a receiving line. It may be a little more formal and potentially more awkward than making table visits during the reception, but you know what? It was really nice to be able to take the time, even if it was just a few moments, with each guest one-on-one, to greet each person and hug them and thank them for coming. And since the obligatory greetings were out of the way and we knew for sure we’d chatted with everybody, we were free to mingle with our guests and have fun without worrying about missing somebody. And, of course, we could enjoy our dinner. Which was the main reason we chose to do a receiving line over table visits in the first place. Priorities.

But first – a few more photos with our gorgeous ceremony arch. I am in love with the floral arrangement up top. My mom kept referring it to as a “swag”, which made me want to die laughing every time she said it, because I am a child.

photo 0704

photo 0712

photo 0717

Getting married is hard work, you guys. Is anyone else ready to kick up their heels and party? I know I am.


Missed one? Catch up on the fun!


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