A Stable Kind of Love: And We’re Walking

You want to know what one of the hardest parts of wedding planning was? The ceremony music!

For the ceremony, we worked with the insanely talented local violinist Catherine Boyd. She told us to pick any song in the world and she’d take care of procuring sheet music and making it work on the violin. Which was actually kind of overwhelming – I don’t do well with too many choices. Plus, Stallion and I have VERY different tastes in music, so for us to pick songs we both liked (or at least, one of us liked and one of us could tolerate) AND sounded good together was tough. But we were able to work together and compromise, like a good married couple, and we put together a prelude we were both happy with. Have a listen! Can you tell which songs were my picks and which were Stallion’s?


(We weren’t actually present for the prelude, so I don’t know in what order these songs were really played, but let’s pretend that was it.)

At 5:30 on the dot, Officiant F indicated that our guests should take their seats. It was time for the ceremony to begin!

All photos courtesy of Aleksey Photography.

photo 0546

Our ceremony setup. The lavender-to-white flower petal gradient seemed like such a good idea before the wind kicked up.

Stallion and I never really had one particular song that we thought of as “our song”, but for the processional, we chose a song that came pretty close: “All About You” by McFly. As soon as I heard it – even though I was inside and couldn’t hear it all that clearly – I absolutely lost it. So I guess it was a good pick!


photo 0555

Officiant F/King of New Jersey leads the processional.

photo 0557

Stallion, M, and G.

photo 0562

The Stallions, reaching for the tissues already.

photo 0570


photo 0573


photo 0576K.

The balcony doors closed. The music stopped. F requested that everyone stand. And then, it was my turn …



Missed one? Catch up on the fun!


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