A Stable Kind of Love: Wedding Party About Town

Following our first look, it was time to board the trolley with the wedding party and our families for a quick trip around Cape May. First stop? Mount Vernon Avenue beach, where we’d taken our engagement photos about six million years ago. (So while it may LOOK like we stayed in the exact same spot across the street from the Grand, we did, in fact, go to another beach.)

All photos courtesy of Aleksey Photography.

photo 0428

Here’s the thing. It was a gorgeous day in Cape May. The sun was shining, there was hardly a cloud in the sky, and the temperature was in the mid-sixties. But oh, it was windy – I’m talking gusts of up to 20 MPH. The bridesmaids’ sweet chiffon cocktail dresses kept blowing up, the guys’ tux jackets kept flapping open, and I was convinced that my veil was going to get swept up in a gust of wind and take me with it. It made things kind of interesting, that’s for sure.

First up, some family shots:

photo 0205

The Fillies and the Stallions.

photo 0207

Aleks yelled for everybody to kiss. Sorry, Z. (This picture is still one of my favorites.)

photo 0211

Then, the bridal party was up.

photo 0282

photo 0288

photo 0300

Clearly, Z is planning on pegging me in the head with her bouquet. Can’t think of a better start to our sister-in-law relationship.

photo 0305


photo 0342

At some point, we ladies ditched our shoes – heels on the beach is hard work!

And finally, it was time to get some shots of just the two of us.

photo 0343

photo 0362

photo 0359

photo 0399

This pose may look a little familiar – we used a very similar photo for our save-the-dates!

After that, we had to hustle back to the trolley before my poor bridesmaids froze their tuchuses off. I’m usually one of those annoying people who is always cold, but since I had about a trillion layers and lace and tulle and god-knows-what on me, I was pretty comfortable for once.

photo 0403

photo 0425

It literally took about twenty minutes to figure out how to open the trolley windows.

And then we set off for Jackson Street for some more photos. Since we weren’t right on the waterfront anymore, the wind wasn’t quite as strong, thank goodness. How we didn’t look like windblown wrecks at this point is beyond me.

photo 0444

photo 0440

photo 0448

photo 0475

photo 0494

photo 0500

Dip attempt: success!

photo 0508

And then we were dropped back off at the Grand – it was time to (finally!) get married.

photo 0512


Missed one? Catch up on the fun!


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