A Stable Kind of Love: We Look

Pretty early on, Stallion and I decided that we would do a first look. Sure, it was practical, as far as getting pictures out of the way before the ceremony, but honestly, the logistics weren’t that important. I wanted to see Stallion and talk to him and spend time with him. Nobody settles my nerves like he does, and on such a big day, I didn’t want to worry about avoiding him on top of all the other stuff I had to worry about doing.

Aleks, our photographer, was the one who suggested having our first look on the beach across the street from the Grand. We decided to keep it relatively private – just us and Aleks. Couldn’t have too many people see me ugly crying, you know?

All photos courtesy of Aleksey Photography.

photo 0162

I was going to walk over by myself, but K ended up helping me across the street. I had a lot going on.

photo 0164

photo 0168

The predator stalks her unsuspecting prey.

photo 0171

photo 0175

photo 0177(Stupid bangs. It was suuuuper windy. Whatever.)

I really wasn’t sure how I would react when I saw Stallion, and I’m not sure how to explain it now. It was like I felt every single emotion that I had ever felt in our eight-and-a-half years together, rolled up into one giant wave of feelings. It was an incredible moment, and I am so glad that we were able to experience it in relative privacy.

photo 0179

photo 0180

photo 0185

Neither of us cried. But it was touch and go for a minute.

photo 0189

photo 0194

We had time for one quick kiss …

photo 0195

… And then it was time to meet back up with the wedding party to board the trolley!

All in all, I have absolutely no regrets about doing a first look. It was by far one of the most emotional moments of the day, and certainly one of the moments that I’ll always remember. Whether you first see your spouse before the ceremony or at the end of the aisle, there are  no words to describe the feeling.

So: Team First Look or Team Wait ‘Til The Ceremony? Discuss.


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One thought on “A Stable Kind of Love: We Look

  1. I’ve always been Team Wait Til The Ceremony until this 🙂

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