A Stable Kind of Love: The Guys Clean Up Nicely

While the honeymoon suite had turned into estrogen central, Stallion, his groomsmen, and our fathers met up in G’s room to do whatever it is that guys do. (What is it that guys do? I’m assuming the goings-on were mostly beer and basketball.)

Fortunately, our photographer was there to make sure they didn’t get into too much trouble. Or did he encourage them to get into trouble? I’ll never know.

All photos courtesy of Aleksey Photography.

photo 0027

I’d marry that.

And then instead of staying cooped up in the hotel room, they decided to head across the street to the beach. I don’t blame them; it was a beautiful day.

photo 0033

Way back when, we’d decided to have everyone wear Black by Vera Wang tuxes from Men’s Wearhouse. We stuck with basic black and white from head to toe – everyone wore black pants, jacket, vest, and tie, and a white shirt – despite our consultant’s repeated requests to put the groomsmen in purple vests or whatever “so that people don’t confuse them for the groom.” While it would have been hilarious for someone to heartily congratulate G or M for landing this prize, it didn’t happen. Maybe next time.

I don’t think they really needed a boutonniere AND a pocket square, but who cares. All in all, they looked pretty sharp. It was a big step up from Stallion’s usual get-up of basketball shorts and a Villanova t-shirt.

photo 0034

G, my dad, Stallion, Stallion’s dad, and M.

photo 0038

photo 0044

photo 0046

Papa Filly, Stallion, and Stallion’s dad

photo 0073

G is fun-sized.

And then they started getting a little weird.

photo 0065

Don’t have too much fun, boys – I’m on my way!


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