A Stable Kind of Love: Giddyup!

It’s been a big week in the Filly household, you guys – we celebrated our one-month anniversary, which just so happened to fall on Cinco de Mayo, so naturally, we marked the occasion with tacos and margaritas. (Let’s be real; even if it wasn’t Cinco de Mayo, I’d want to celebrate with tacos and margaritas anyway.) Oh, and our wedding photos are here, so you know what that means – it’s recap time!

Don’t remember our wedding details? That’s okay! Following a comically screwed up proposal at our alma mater, we planned our wedding in our favorite place on Earth – Cape May, New Jersey. I had the ~Kleinfeld experience~, incorporated sorority traditions into our wedding day, and decided to have a uniquely Jersey Shore-themed candy bar as our favor. A Bruce Springsteen cover band provided the entertainment at our reception. I was completely incapable of coming up with a vision myself, so I let my vendors run wild. I debated the pros and cons of uplighting and videography. Kids weren’t invited, but coworkers were. I used Excel to estimate our final head count and create our seating chart. Some might say our wedding was pretty traditional; others might say we were rule-breakers.

Our wedding was everything we could have possibly dreamed of, and then some. Remember back in the day when I said that our wedding day probably wouldn’t be the best day of our life, and how I was okay with that? Well, I do stand by my belief that we have plenty more amazing milestones to look forward to that will outdo our wedding day, but for now? Our wedding was far and away the best day of our lives … so far.

Leading up to the wedding, people kept asking me if I was stressed, and honestly? I wasn’t at all. I kept waiting for the stress to hit me, and it never did. In my mind, I had nothing to stress about – everything was out of my hands, so if something did go wrong, there wasn’t anything I could do about it anyway, so why worry? Stallion and I spent the last year and a half of our lives planning this wedding, and we were determined to enjoy every minute.

And enjoy it we did. I wouldn’t change a thing.


(personal photo)

Without further ado … let’s get recapping!




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