Showers of happiness! (And cannoli.)

Sorry for disappearing for a while, hive. I’m in that weird phase of wedding planning where everything is more or less done until we get a final head count. I feel like I should be more relaxed, but I keep thinking ahead to everything that will be on my to-do list once that head count is finalized, and the stress kicks in. So I haven’t really had a lot to talk about … until now!

The first thing I will say about my bridal shower is that it was supposed to be a surprise.

The second thing I will say about my bridal shower is that I hate surprises. So when someone accidentally let the date of the shower slip (a long, hilarious, and ultimately irrelevant story), I wasn’t too disappointed. I did my best to feign cluelessness, but my bridesmaids knew I knew. They still kept everything else a surprise!


SURPRISE! (All photos are personal!)


B made this banner – isn’t she the best?

Where to begin? The bridal shower was held at Calabria, my family’s favorite Italian restaurant. In fact, we love this place that we also had our engagement party here a million years ago. Needless to say, the food was delicious: assorted focaccia breads, salad, chicken parm, penne, meatballs, sausage, London broil, and for dessert, the world’s best cannoli. Oh, and wine flowing like water. What else could you want?


This is not a cake. This is a bunch of towels. My friend A is insanely crafty. I still haven’t disassembled it.

Most of the afternoon was spent eating, drinking, and chatting, but there were also some games to liven things up a little bit. I think they went over really well!


He Said, She Said – Stallion and I each had to give B five fun facts about ourselves. (As you can see, we kind of missed the “fun” part. Also, B came up with the bonus questions, and she is gross.) Everyone had to guess who each fact came from. If you got eight or more correct, you won a prize – heart-shaped Peeps, because B got a ton of them free from work.


Who Am I? – Yeah, so much for censoring my name. ANYWAY. This game was a huge hit, because everyone went out of their way to write down the most embarrassing memories possible. By the end of this, my face was literally magenta from laughing so hard. The prize? More Peeps.

Bridal Shower Bingo – To make the awkward gift-opening portion of the afternoon a little more interesting, B downloaded a free bingo card template from Personalized Brides. Everyone filled in their bingo cards according to what they thought I would receive. Of course, only like two people actually got bingo, because approximately 75% (I may be exaggerating slightly) of my gifts were wine-related. What can I say? People know what I like.

Eventually, the party came to an end, and we sent out guests home with these sweet mermaid-shaped bottle openers. Pretty and practical! And they tie in with the whole beach-ish wedding theme we sort of have going on.


B arranged the favors like this instead of putting one at each place setting.

The very last gift I opened? A sash, a tiara, and … an invitation to my bachelorette party that evening! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!


My (insanely gorgeous) bridesmaids bullied me into trying on the tiara. As you can see, it fits.

If I could sum up my shower in four words, it would be: great food, great company. I had an amazing time catching up with friends and family, and I was so flattered that people had given up their afternoons and traveled from all over the place to celebrate with me. And the celebration wasn’t over – it was time to head back to my parents’ house and get ready for my bachelorette!

Did you have a surprise bridal shower? Were people actually able to keep the details a surprise?


2 thoughts on “Showers of happiness! (And cannoli.)

  1. I’m so happy you enjoyed your shower! I hope it was absolutely perfect!

  2. aeg1989 says:

    Looks like so much fun! Sometimes shower games can get long or awkward, but your’s look like a blast!

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