Wedding party about town.

Back when Stallion and I booked our photographer, eight hours of coverage seemed like more than enough. We figured we’d do some getting ready shots, group photos pre-ceremony, and then the ceremony and reception. Easy, right?

Well, once we started working on a timeline for the wedding day, we realized that maybe we didn’t actually need the entire reception photographed. I mean, after the cake is cut and dessert is served, there aren’t any other traditions that need to be captured on film, and there are only so many photos we’ll need of our friends and family drunkenly dancing the night away. So we decided to push the photography schedule back an hour; we’ll have an extra hour of time pre-ceremony, and we’ll forego professional photography for the last hour of the reception. We hadn’t planned on a grand exit, so this works for us.

But what to do with that extra hour? Bully our wedding party into taking more group photos!

Our initial plan was to head across the street to the beach and do our group shots there. But now that we had all this extra time to work with, we’d be able to go around to some of our favorite places in Cape May.

Which leads me to another point. After being vehemently against hiring transportation for the wedding day – I mean, our ceremony, reception, and hotel room are all in the same place, so what’s the point? – I did the unthinkable and changed my mind. I decided to book a trolley to take me, Stallion, and the wedding party around Cape May. This definitely beats my original plan of walking around town. Silly Miss Filly.


(via Dinofa)

There are two major trolley rental companies in Cape May: Great American Trolley and the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts. While Great American Trolley was a smudge more expensive, we went with them for a few reasons – the price difference was immaterial in the grand scheme of our budget, the trolleys seemed nicer, and – most importantly – we could bring beverages (of the adult variety, of course) on board. Priorities.

While it feels terribly self-indulgent to hire a trolley to literally take a giant lap around Cape May, it’s an indulgence that’s worth it to me. Back when I first started wedding planning, I would have done anything to save a buck. Now that we’re in the home stretch, I realized lately that I’ve done a complete 180, and I’ll do anything for convenience.

So where we we stopping on our little trolley ride? Glad you asked! Here’s our itinerary for the trolley ride …

Cape_May_New_JerseyJackson Street, via New Jersey Monthly – Cape May is known for beautiful Victorian architecture, and Jackson Street has some of the nicest houses in town. Enthusiastic cyclists not included. (I tried really hard to find a good photo without her, but I failed on that.)

winter-arcadePromenade, via – Cape May may not have a boardwalk, but the promenade is just as iconic in town.

cape-may-new-jerseys-picturesCove Beach, via Best Beaches – This is the beach where Stallion and I took our engagement photos, so it would be awesome to take some wedding photos here too. I love how you can see the lighthouse on the horizon.

washmalltulipsWashington Street Mall, via Do the Shore – This sweet little pedestrian mall has been one of my favorite haunts since I was a little kid. I think it would make a great backdrop for photos. Maybe we can even make a pit stop at Kohr Brothers for some frozen custard (hive, if you’ve never had this, you haven’t LIVED!) like this couple!

choe_352(via Paula Cella)

So we may be missing out on professional photos of the last hour of our reception, but I think having extra time before the ceremony for our little trolley venture is completely worth it. And, realistically, if we change our minds about reception coverage as we get closer to the wedding, it won’t be the end of the world to pay our photographer to stay an extra hour.

How are you guys allocating your photography time budget? Anyone planning on sacrificing some coverage during the reception to get more pre-ceremony photos?



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