All eyes on me in the center of the … table.

Ages and ages ago, I told you about the flowers we’ll be using for the wedding. But I hadn’t given much thought to how they’ll actually be used. And now that the wedding is right around the corner, I probably should.

The vast majority of our floral budget is going towards the centerpieces. We can seat 6-9 people to a table, and we’re going to have anywhere between 15 and 20 tables. To save a bit of money, we’re foregoing flowers in the cocktail hour room and using our venue’s standard decorations, which are small glass vases filled with sand and shells with some candles around them.


(via The Grand Hotel)

555235_466832290044967_1600044417_n(via The Grand Hotel)

They are really pretty, they don’t clash with anything else I’ve got going on, and best of all, they won’t cost me a dime. For anyone else looking to save a couple of bucks, it’s definitely worth seeing if your venue keeps any decorations on hand that you can use. I could have used these centerpieces in the reception room as well, but I’m a sucker for fresh flowers and I couldn’t resist floral centerpieces.

Typically, I’m a sucker for big, dramatic centerpieces, like these:


(via Manic Botanic)

But my concern with those is twofold: first, they can get pretty freaking expensive, and second, I’m not sure they’re the right choice for my reception space. If you guys remember, there are big windows going all the way around the perimeter of the room, overlooking Cape May and the beaches. Back in the day, when Stallion and I were scouting for venues, the view from this room took my breath away.


Nice view of the town by day … (via The Grand Hotel)


… And it’s just as remarkable at night. (Tina Markoe Photography via The Grand Hotel)

So all along, I’ve wanted those windows and that gorgeous view to be the highlight of the room. If we go with tall, dramatic centerpieces, it will definitely distract from that, right?


(Lindsay Docherty Photography via The Grand Hotel)

What do you guys think? Are the tall centerpieces too much with the windows? I’m really digging the varied heights here, though – I think it really makes the tall centerpieces stand out.

But let’s take a look at my short centerpiece options. The gist of it is that I can choose from some combination of flower cubes (which my guests can take home at the end of the night, so yay!), candlesticks of varied heights, and flower petals. So I can mix these up and end up with options like these:

0_0_0_0_506_756_csupload_22326389Three cubes, three candlesticks, flower petals. (via Manic Botanic)

0_0_0_0_516_344_csupload_60592854One cube, three candlesticks, flower petals. I can even get the candlesticks trimmed with lace or ribbon, like in this photo. (Marie Labbancz Photography via Manic Botanic)

0_0_0_0_516_344_csupload_60592966One lone cube. (via Manic Botanic)

So … yeah. I don’t know. I definitely don’t want the table to look empty, but the three cubes/three candlesticks arrangement might be a little too crowded for my liking. I do really like the varied heights of the candlesticks, which adds some nice visual interest, and I think given my flower selections (hydrangea, roses, and lisianthius), one cube will look nice and full and lush. Then again, is it boring to have the exact same centerpiece on every single table? I don’t know these things! That’s why I’m paying professionals!

Now that you’ve seen my options, what centerpiece choices do you think would work best in my room? At what point am I going to start paying you guys for all the fantastic advice you’ve given me? What types of centerpieces – floral and otherwise – did you use for your reception decor?


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