Change of plans …

… Or rather, an addition to the plans.

As you all know, my invitations are in the mail. That means my invitations were ordered quite some time ago, which means my plans for the entire wedding weekend were finalized well before that, right? I mean, what kind of ultimate grand supreme dumbdumb would change things around once the invitations had gone out?

honey-boo-boo-child-mother-gif (1)

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That’s right – me.

See, here’s the thing. I had a brilliant idea. All of our guests are doing quite a bit of traveling to get to our wedding, so most (if not all) of them are staying in Cape May overnight. The least we could do for everybody is feed them breakfast the morning after the wedding before we all hit the road, right?

Only problem? I’d already ordered, addressed, sealed, and sent the invitations. A little too late to put together another insert, no?

Thankfully, the breakfast I had in mind was extremely casual and laid-back – we decided to host a continental breakfast, so the offerings include bagels, cream cheese, fruit, pastries, ample amounts of coffee, all that good stuff – but even the simplest plans require a head count. So how are we spreading the word about this little addition to the agenda?

  1. NOT sending another piece of mail – I don’t want to make it seem like a formal thing that everyone feels obligated to attend. It’s just bagels.
  2. Word of mouth – if anyone brings up the wedding, we’ll organically work it into the discussion somehow. (i.e. “Hey Filly, I booked my hotel room for the wedding!” “Hey friend, that’s so awesome! I’ll save you a bagel for Sunday morning!”)
  3. Wedding website – there’s a whole section on our wedding website dedicated to events. Breakfast is an event. Et voilĂ .
  4. ………….. More pieces of paper. Womp womp.

We’d always kind of been on the fence about welcome bags, programs, and the like, but I think we have to do at least one of those things now. The best way to guarantee that everyone is at least aware of the breakfast is to make sure everyone sees the details, and if the details are on a piece of paper that is physically handed to every single guest, that’ll do the trick. I’m not a big DIY person, but I think this late in the game, I’m going to have to suck it up and do it anyway – I really don’t want to drop another bucketload of money getting yet another piece of paper professionally printed.

Of course, my other option would be to let the breakfast idea go, but it seems like a really nice idea and I do think our guests will appreciate it. Who doesn’t like bagels? And the breakfast itself isn’t exactly breaking the bank in the grand scheme of our budget.

The good thing about serving a continental breakfast as opposed to a hot breakfast is that people can come and go as they please without the food quality suffering. We set it up so that we have the room for two hours, but there’s no structure to the morning. People can come first thing in the morning, or they can come later on; they can stay for the full two hours or just twenty minutes. And since we won’t have a perfectly accurate head count – we’re expecting it to be close to our wedding head count, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some variance between the two – if we have to take a bunch of leftover bagels and pastries home due to no-shows, that’s fine by me.

Lesson learned: MAKE SURE YOUR PLANS ARE 100% FINALIZED BEFORE YOU ORDER/SEND YOUR INVITATIONS. I think we’re covering for it just fine by including the information elsewhere, but we still have to add another thing to our to-do list to cover for our goof. Okay, MY goof.

tl;dr – I procrastinated putting a post-wedding breakfast together until after our invitations had been sent, and now I’m atoning for my sins by having to DIY a wedding program. Not the end of the world.

Tell me about any planning goofs you all made along the way! Did anyone made any schedule changes after the invitations had been sent out? How did you make up for it?


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