Licensed to wed.

Hiiiiive … I’m back! Did you miss me? (Don’t answer that.) I hope you all had fabulous holidays! I survived my first Christmas with the in-laws, rang in the New Year with my family, got a ton of wedding-related stuff done, and after traveling up and down the East Coast, I am finally home just in time for a blizzard. I need a vacation from my vacation.

Anyway, maybe this is the product of our long engagement, but the wedding has always seemed like this abstract concept that would never actually come to pass. Stallion and I got engaged in 2012, and when we booked our date, 2014 was so far away that it just didn’t seem real to me. I still remember telling people that I would be getting married, “a year from April,” and then finally, I was able to tell them, “next April,” and now? It’s right around the corner.


I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so … SCARED! (via GIF-A-Day)

So while Stallion and I were in New Jersey after Christmas, we knocked one big thing off our to-do list: we applied for our marriage license!

Here’s a fun fact for you. According to the Cape May City Clerk, Cape May is the second most popular destination wedding location in the United States (Vegas, obviously, is first). I spent about four seconds Googling “most popular destination weddings USA” and didn’t find any support for this, so I don’t actually know if it’s true or not, but it seems pretty cool. Besides, if you put something on the Internet, it automatically makes it true, right?

Anyway, this is what we needed to apply for our marriage license. Listen up, New Jersey bees!

  • Because Stallion and I are not New Jersey residents, we were required to apply for our license in the town where the wedding is taking place. If one or both of you is a resident of the state, you can apply in the town where either of you live.
  • Our birth certificates OR passports. Stallion couldn’t get his hands on his birth certificate in time, so he was able to use his passport, no problem.
  • Proof of address. Our Massachusetts driver’s licenses did the trick.
  • Social security numbers. We had our cards just in case the clerk wanted to validate the numbers herself, but it wasn’t necessary.
  • $28. And in case you were wondering (because I was), I didn’t have to bring exact change. These are the things I worry about, you guys.
  • A witness. Since Mama Filly was the only person showered and dressed at the time we went to apply, she was by default our witness.
  • An appointment. Seriously. This will vary from town to town, but do your homework! I went to Cape May’s City Hall website to look up the documentation they required for marriage licenses, and I only noticed the appointment part by accident. And it’s a good thing I saw it; otherwise, Stallion and I would have needed to make another trip to New Jersey. Which, although lovely, would have presented a minor logistical headache.

So the City Clerk filled out our application, we signed off on it, and after a three-day waiting period, our license will be ready for us! Not that we’ll be ready to pick it up – in the Garden State, you can apply for your marriage license up to six months prior to your wedding date. So once our license is issued, City Hall will hold onto it until we pick it up the day before the wedding.


Thumbs up for our successful application! Also, Stallion just got glasses for the first time; everybody tell him how chic and intellectual he looks. (personal photo)

I was really nervous about this. Something about bureaucracy gives me agita; you should see me any time I have to go to the DMV. I checked and re-checked our documentation, I reviewed the appointment confirmation email about a million times, and I even freaked out because the ATM we stopped at on our way to City Hall gave me two $20s and I didn’t have time to break one of them to get exact change before our appointment. But in the end, it was a painless process, and now we’ve got the most important thing we’ll need for the wedding: the piece of paper enabling us to actually get married.

When did you apply for your marriage license? Word on the street is that New Jersey has some of the strictest marriage license requirements in the country: true or false? Was Santa good to you guys this year? Talk to me; I missed you all!


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