Flipping family traditions.

One of the most difficult things I’m encountering in this whole wedding planning extravaganza is where to add personal touches. Stupid, right? I mean, I’m the one getting married; isn’t that personal enough?

There’s nothing wrong with having a traditional wedding. I mean, 99.999999999% of my wedding will be straight from the Wedding 101 textbook. But it would be nice to make the remaining 0.000000001% something that is relatively unique. You know, something that will stand out and be remembered. Is that too much to ask, hive?

Enter the coolest (in my humble opinion) family tradition of all time: the cake flip.

As long as I can remember – and further back, before I was even a twinkle in my parents’ eyes – no Filly family gathering has been complete without a cake flip. My cousin F (who is doubling as our ceremony officiant – what a champ) takes a cake, flips it in the air, and catches it. And yes, he always catches it. Well, almost always. In the manymanymany years he’s been flipping cakes, he’s only dropped them twice. Fortunately for you all, one of those times has been captured for posterity on YouTube.

He’s the one flipping the cake at the beginning. As you can see, the drop? NOT HIS FAULT.

We’ve already coordinated with our baker to have an extra sheet cake prepared for the wedding. We can either have it kept in the back until flipping time, or we can have it serve double duty as a groom’s cake. Either way, F will flip the cake, everyone will be entertained, and then it’s dessert time. I’m on the fence about having a bouquet or garter toss, but I am definitely having a cake flip!

Okay, so when I think of personal touches to include in a wedding, I don’t generally think of goofy things like this, but at the end of the day, it is a family tradition, and most of our non-family guests won’t have seen anything like it. Silly or serious, it is personal, it’s important to Stallion and I, and I really think everyone will get a kick out of it.

Tell me – what personal touches and special family traditions did you incorporate into your wedding day?


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