Photography must haves – what are they?

Our photographer has requested that, in advance of the wedding, we provide him with a list of “must have” photos.

Bees, I don’t even know where to begin. I know literally nothing about wedding photography. He’s the professional. Why do I have to make decisions? IT’S NOT FAIR.


(via Gifrific)

The trick is first, figuring out what pictures I can’t live without, and second, making sure I’m giving the photographer ample creative freedom. Stallion and I chose him specifically because we loved his candid/photojournalistic style, and if we stick the poor guy with a ton of required shots, he won’t have time to capture anything else, so we won’t get the photos we were hoping for. The only thing we know is that we’re pretty set on doing “first look” pictures pre-ceremony – actually, we want to knock out as many pictures as possible before the ceremony so we can spend the rest of the night partying!

Other than that, I’m fine with what I typically see – girls getting ready, guys getting ready, ceremony, couple alone, couple with immediate family, party! Am I missing anything?

So I did A LOT of searching around, and I came across this list from Real Simple. Oh, Real Simple, you never let me down. I think it’s a great starting point – I could actually knock a few more pictures off their list, such as guests signing the guest book, but I can’t come up with anything I’d like to have that’s not already on the list. I’m pretty sure this will strike the right balance between capturing everything we want and allowing our photographer the freedom he needs to do his job. And frankly, our photographer is a total pro, so I’m sure he’d take care of all these things without the list anyway.

Did you provide your photographer with a list of must have photos? What were your biggest must haves when it came to photography?


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