My wedding probably won’t be the best day of my life.

Isn’t that what everyone says, that your wedding day is the best day of your entire life?

Don’t get me wrong – I am so excited for my wedding. I can’t wait to marry Stallion, and I can’t wait to enjoy all the frills that come with the wedding – my gorgeous dress, celebrating with our friends and family, ALL THE FOOD, dancing the night away, etc. But expecting it to be the best day of my life is a tall order, no?

I’m only twenty-five years old. I’ve had lots of great days already – maybe one of those will end up being even better than my wedding day once all is said and done. I’m hoping I have plenty of days ahead of me. There are so many milestones I haven’t hit yet. Should I assume that whatever happens in the future, it can’t possibly trump my wedding day?

Here’s the thing: the assumption that your wedding will be the BEST DAY EVER puts an awful lot of pressure on you to make sure your plans meet that expectation. A cake, for instance, can’t be a regular old cake; it has to be the best, most beautiful cake in the world. Your decor can’t just make the room pretty; it has to knock your socks off. And, of course, you can’t do anything that anyone else has ever done – you have to do something unique, but not so out there that people don’t get it. You can’t just do something you saw on Pinterest – you have to come up with something so amazing that it starts a new Pinterest trend. Frankly, it’s no wonder people go insane over this stuff.

Besides, here are some negatives about my wedding that make the whole BEST DAY EVER thing pretty questionable:

  • So. Much. Money.
  • My dress may be beautiful, but I’m pretty sure it’ll feel like a sweatbox after a few hours. I feel like the best day of my life would probably involve sweatpants.
  • Making sure I’ve said hello to each and every guest and that everyone is having a good time – it ain’t easy being a good hostess! I’d probably be a little less of a social butterfly on the best day of my life.

This may be my first foray into wedding planning, but I’ve already accepted the fact that a) I can’t have everything I’ve ever seen floating around the Internet, b) something (or, more likely, some things) will go wrong, and c) despite these so-called shortcomings, my wedding day is going to be special and memorable. And the things that will make my wedding day so important? Have nothing to do with my vendors. It’s all about my fiancĂ©, our family, and our friends.

Will it be a wonderful day? I hope so! I’m reasonably confident that it will be! But the best day ever? That’s a tall order to fill.

What do you guys think – do you expect your wedding day to be the best day of your life? Those of you on the other side, did it meet that expectation?


One thought on “My wedding probably won’t be the best day of my life.

  1. Don’t worry, it’ll be the best day ever.

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