Hail to the veil.

Back when I bought my wedding dress, my consultant sealed the deal by popping a veil on my head. I believe this practice is called “jacking up”. I was already sold on the dress well before the jacking up commenced, but it totally changed how I saw it, if that makes sense – I wasn’t just wearing a miracle dress that made me look great, I was wearing a miracle WEDDING dress that made me look great. See the difference?

Anyway, since I didn’t have enough time left in my appointment to seriously look at accessories, I had to make a return trip to Kleinfeld. (I know, what a drag.) I didn’t do any homework aside from reading somewhere – I wish I remembered where – that longer veils were slimming. I guess it’s a relative thing, like how standing next to an eighteen-wheeler would make me look smaller by comparison. Even though Princess Di’s veil wouldn’t make me look like a skinny minnie, I got fixated on the idea of a superlong veil. That, and all the incredible pictures of veils blowing in the wind – you know what I’m talking about:


(image + photography via kellyredinger.com)


I mean, if all goes according to plan, I’m not getting a second chance at this rodeo, so go big or go home, right?

Just for fun, I tried on a couple of different veil lengths, but the unanimous favorite was cathedral length. But what sort of finish was I looking for?

  • Lace edge – Our consultant put us off lace veils pretty much right away, since they’d be well above what we were willing to spend. I did try some on just to see what the effect was like – and given that my dress is head-to-toe lace, it was a little much. But the detail can be so beautiful.
  • Ribbon edge – I loved these veils in theory, but with my dress, they totally clashed. Bridesmaid B said it best: it was too “preppy” for my lacey, sparkly, romantic dress.
  • Raw edge – Going in, I was pretty sure that I wanted a raw edge veil – simple and classic. This finish literally looks perfect with EVERY dress.
  • Beaded edge – I thought I would go for the raw edge until the consultant put me in a veil with a stunning beaded edge. The thing is, this encompasses everything from a teensy bit of sparkle to full-out pearls and (yep, I’m going there) bling. Here are a few examples of gorgeous beaded veils!

OBLIGATORY BIRDCAGE VEIL, because they look good on everyone on this planet except me. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

Unsurprisingly, I ended up choosing a veil with the tiniest bit of beading – just enough to frame my face a little. I thought I loved my wedding dress on its own, but the veil really brings the look together. Would anyone judge me if I wore my wedding attire every single day for the rest of my life? Because I love it that much.

So, you may wonder, where did I come up with such a creative title for this post? Because once I was settled on my veil, my mother asked me (repeating her Randy Fenoli imitation), “Are you saying yes to the veil?”

“No, Mom, that doesn’t rhyme,” I retorted. “I’m saying … HAIL TO THE VEIL.”

I’m pretty sure the consultant thought we were nuts.

To veil or not to veil: that is the question. How are you accessorizing your wedding dress?

(P.S. TLC was totally filming an episode of Say Yes to the Dress while we were at Kleinfeld, and since my dad ended up holding a bunch of belts for Debbie, who was the consultant for the bride being filmed, he’ll probably end up in the background somewhere. While I avoided the cameras as best as I could, Diane told me I looked beautiful, so that was pretty awesome. Kind of like when Regina George sat next to John Stamos on an airplane, and he told her she was pretty.)


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