Leave your mark: on guestbooks.

Every wedding I’ve been to has had a guestbook for people to leave their well wishes. I love signing these – I like to think it must be so nice to go back and read all the messages people left for you. What can I say, I’m a big old sentimental mush.

Anyway, when we first started wedding planning, I was pretty convinced that we were going to do a photo guestbook, like so:

I mean, our engagement photos came out pretty freaking awesome, if I may say so myself – a photo guestbook would be the perfect way to show them off, right? And these can be done pretty affordably via Shutterfly, Vistaprint, etc.

But, then again, there is little in this world I hate more than clutter, and while I could picture myself flipping through the book a few times, I could also picture it collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. Living in a two-bedroom apartment, as we do, every square inch is vital real estate. So let’s explore some other, more compact, options …

Jenga – this was Stallion’s favorite option, so naturally I don’t like it, and the fact that we never have and probably never will play Jenga has nothing to do with it. You guys, I’m looking for an option that isn’t going to take up a ton of space, so let’s move on.

Thumbprint tree – now we’re talking. Something we could hang on the wall wouldn’t take up any space at all, and we could look at it every day and be reminded of what a fabulous wedding we had. I love the tree symbolism, too. Downside? Thinking from a guest’s perspective, I’d hate to get all dressed up and have to get ink on my hands. Then again, that could be easily remedied by making sure there were wet naps or something at the guestbook station, right?

Quilt – I’m one of those people who is constantly cold, so I would actually use this on a daily basis. I do sew, but I’ve never quilted before, and I’m not sure if my very first quilt should be something so important. I do have plenty of time to practice, though.

Platter – I love the look of this, but from what I’ve read, it’s not dishwasher/oven safe once signed, so it’d have to be a display piece only.

Photo mat – this would be another way to show off an engagement photo (to be replaced with a wedding photo after the big day, of course), and like the thumbprint tree, it would look great hanging up in our apartment.

Map – similar to the photo mat idea, only it doesn’t scream “wedding” quite as much. Problem is, for Stallion and I, we’ve lived in a few places over the years, so what would we use a map of? He’s from Florida, I’m from New Jersey, we’ve lived in Philadelphia and Boston, and we’re getting married at the Jersey Shore. Maybe a map of the United Kingdom, since we both studied abroad there? Or Jamaica, since that’s where we’re going for our honeymoon? So many choices!

Will you have a guestbook at your wedding? What will you be using?


One thought on “Leave your mark: on guestbooks.

  1. The Jenga idea is sooooo Pinterest! I’m proud of D for liking that 🙂 But I’d do the book or the mat.

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