The bouquet: to toss or not to toss?

For starters: I am NOT participating in a garter toss. It’s one of those traditions that I didn’t think I had an opinion on until I thought about Stallion crawling up my dress in front of our friends and family. Then I started dry heaving.

This wouldn’t even be a post, except my floral package includes a “free” toss bouquet, presumably so that I could keep my original bouquet and do something fancy with it. By the way, what do you do with your bouquet when the whole shebang is over? Is it something you’re supposed to keep? Is that the real reason for a bouquet toss – so you can get rid of your bouquet?

I digress. Anyway, I now have this toss bouquet in addition to my real bouquet, and I have no idea what to do with it.

I could go the traditional route and do the standard bouquet toss, but since we’re not doing a garter toss (NO WAY, NO HOW), would that look weird? Would all the single laydeez be offended or annoyed?

Another option: stick a few $20s and/or scratch-off tickets in the bouquet, have both of us somehow toss it together, and get all our guests to try and catch it, so no one is excluded. I’ve never actually seen this done in real life; would everyone get the gist of it and participate? Or would I get the dreaded side-eye?

The anniversary dance is another popular option, and it was something I considered doing for a while, but we’ve had a couple of recent deaths in the family, and I feel like it would just remind people that their spouses aren’t there to dance with them, you know? So I’m scrapping that idea.

I could also try telling our florist that I won’t be needing the toss bouquet and see what happens. Since it’s listed in our quote as a free item, I doubt it would make an impact on our bill, but who knows. If I don’t have anything to do with the bouquet, I’d rather not waste the extra flowers.

Is a free toss bouquet a common thing nowadays? What are you doing with yours?


One thought on “The bouquet: to toss or not to toss?

  1. For what it’s worth, I don’t think anyone would be like “Where’s the garter toss?” if you did a bouquet toss. I think it’s fine to do one and not the other.

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