No vision? No problem.

I don’t know the first thing about flowers. Nor, let’s be honest, do I particularly care about flowers beyond the important criteria of smelling nice and looking pretty. Is it even possible to have ugly flowers? I don’t think so.

When meeting with the florist of our choice (found via our venue’s preferred vendor list, which was an absolute lifesaver – we weren’t obligated to use any of the vendors on the list, but it was a great starting point), one of the first questions was what types of flowers I liked. Of course, my mind blanked out and I couldn’t even name a flower. Eventually, I stuttered out, “Uh, I like the smell of gardenias?” Which I do, because I am obsessed with the eponymous Marc Jacobs perfume. Of course, I then learn that gardenias are terrible wedding flowers because apparently they die/turn brown really fast. So much for wowing my florist with my excellent taste.

The point is, Stallion and I don’t have to infuse every single aspect of our wedding with our personalities. Sometimes, it’s okay to just let flowers be flowers and not an expression of Stallion’s and my relationship. In the age of Pinterest and Style Me Pretty and all the other wedding porn out there, it’s easy to forget that sometimes.

Our florist is more than capable, you know? She’s the expert, not me. So I feel entirely comfortable letting her put together the flowers without overloading her with specifications and Pinterest pictures. I gave her our color scheme (eggplant, lavender, and baby pink – perfect for early spring, if I may say so myself!), and this is is what she proposed –

  • purple hydrangea
  • white garden roses
  • lavender spray¬†roses
  • purple lisianthus
  • dark purple stock
  • light pink spray roses

Sounds perfect to me. (Yes, I had to google hydrangea and lisianthus.) No one will exclaim, “Oh, lisianthus! That’s sooooo Miss Filly!” but that’s just fine.

Are there any wedding details you are letting your vendors take care of, or do you have a vision for every little thing?


One thought on “No vision? No problem.

  1. Seeing the flowers for the first time! I love them!

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