If the shoe fits, wear it.

In hindsight, why did I spend so much time poring over shoes when I’m going to be wearing a long dress and no one will see them anyway? I digress.

Let’s talk shoes.

You guys, I am such a magpie when it comes to shoes. Here’s the thing – clothes are fickle. Gain or lose a few pounds, and your favorite pants no longer fit. But shoes are loyal; they stand by your side and fit you perfectly no matter what the scale says. Therefore, I BUY ALL THE SHOES.


Me in DSW.
(via memegenerator.net)

Naturally, for my wedding, my feet must be clad in the finest footwear. I spent an absurd amount of time scouring Zappos, Piperlime, 6pm, BHLDN, etc. to find the perfect pair. My criteria:

  • Versatile – I didn’t plan on dropping a ton of money on a pair of shoes I could only wear once. (But what about your gown and veil, one might ask? OOPS.) Unfortunately, that ruled out the adorable colorful heels I see so many people wearing – as much as I’d love my shoes to be my “something blue”, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever have another occasion for blue dress shoes.
  • Comfy – My tootsies deserve the utmost comfort, especially when I’m going to be wearing these shoes for a loooong time. Also, I’d like to avoid going on my honeymoon with blistered feet.
  • 3″ heel – My comfort zone. I wear pumps almost every day for work, so anything less than 3″ doesn’t feel fancy to me, and anything higher is asking for trouble.
  • Under $100 – I know, I know, #yolo and all, but a girl’s gotta budget.

And oh, the contenders … (warning: shoe porn ahead!)


Nina – Forbes
(via zappos.com)


Betsey Johnson – Gown
(via zappos.com)


Ivanka Trump – Nanci
(via zappos.com)

Go ahead and laugh at me for recommending Ivanka Trump shoes, but her Amoro pumps are my absolute favorite work shoes. Most comfortable pumps I own. You heard it here first!

Nina - Firuza (via zappos.com)

Nina – Firuza
(via zappos.com)

And so on and so forth. But then I fell in love …

Badgley Mischka - Lacie (via zappos.com)

Badgley Mischka – Lacie
(via zappos.com)

“But wait!” you’re yelling. “What about your strict $100 budget?” How could I forget my budget?

Enter Amazon. I know, I’m contributing to the downfall of brick-and-mortar, mom-and-pop stores, but when I can snag a pair of $215 shoes for less than half that amount … well, who could resist? Plus, the shoes arrived with extra crystals and heel taps – it’s like Badgley Mischka knows that I am the Great Destroyer of All Pretty Things! How thoughtful! Lesson learned: if the retail price for your dream item is out of your budget, try Amazon, eBay, or the legion of third-party resellers online – you never know what’s out there!

Here’s my other advice. BUY YOUR SHOES EARLY. Should you opt to wear fancy but uncomfortable-looking shoes on your wedding day, you want ample time to break those suckers in so that your feet aren’t screaming for mercy by the end of the night.

I wore these shoes (with the thickest pair of socks I could get my hands on) around my apartment for a few weeks, and I scuffed the soles with a bit of sandpaper to minimize the odds of me skidding around the dance floor. Now they fit like a dream, so my feet will look pretty and feel happy.

What shoes will you be wearing on the big day?


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