I’ve got two tickets to paradise.

After the wedding comes the best part of all – the honeymoon! Actually, Stallion and I have never been on a proper vacation together; we’ve traveled to visit family and friends, but we’ve never gone anywhere just the two of us. If I’m being completely honest, I’m a smidgen more excited for the honeymoon than I am for the wedding.

So, in planning our honeymoon, what were the important things to consider?

  • Cost – we’re operating on a budget here.
  • We want to go someplace we’ve never been before.
  • We want plenty of rest and relaxation.
  • We should be able to see and do whatever we want in a week, since that’s how much time we’ve allocated for our honeymoon.

This criteria knocked Europe off the list right away – we both studied abroad in college and did a fair amount of traveling around while we were there. Plus, there is so much to see and do in most European destinations that a week doesn’t seem like enough time to do it justice.

I eliminated cruising as an option – neither of us have been on a cruise before, but from what I hear, people either love it or hate it. Controversial! Plus, I get claustrophobic. NEXT!

I think you can see where I’m going with this – all-inclusives, those glorious oases of sun and sand and unlimited food and booze. We’re beach people, plus we’re incredibly lazy, so this seemed like the perfect fit for us.

Now, when I first started looking into all-incusives, the only one that I had heard of was Sandals, so naturally, I started my search there. Little did I know – there is a world of all-inclusives beyond Sandals! (Not knocking Sandals, of course, because those resorts look absolutely beautiful and I’m sure they’ve earned their sterling reputation.) The more I lurked on Trip Advisor and other travel websites, the more I read about Couples resorts. It seemed perfect – adults only, great reputation, and very affordable in comparison to similar all-inclusives.

The coolest thing about Couples? They have a very active message board, so if you have any questions or concerns, there are plenty of Couples aficionados at the ready to help you out.

Now, Couples has five resorts – four in Jamaica and one in Barbados. The Jamaican resorts all have their own distinct features and “personalities”, if you will. So what did Stallion and I choose?

Couples Sans Souci is the smallest resort in terms of number of rooms (150), but has the largest grounds (35 acres), so everything is very spread out and secluded. It is in Ocho Rios, so the beaches – while not quite as nice as Negril – are private. The resort is built on cliffs and there are lush gardens everywhere you look (so I’m told) that make for some breathtaking views. The best part? Free perks for honeymooners – show proof of your wedding date and get a free couple’s massage!

I can’t to kick off married life in paradise!

What are your honeymoon plans, everyone? What are you more excited for – your wedding or your honeymoon?


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