In which I say a resounding YES to the dress!

The scene: Kleinfeld. I’m standing in front of my family in the most perfect wedding dress. My family is passing the tissues around. I can’t stop staring at myself in the mirror. This is it, y’all!

But wait – I have 15 months to go before my wedding. It would be dumb to commit to a dress this early, no? What about all the other dresses in the world? What if I experience the dreaded “dress regret”? I put my foot down and decide that we can write this dress number down and try it on again when I come back in a few months.

Katie has bad news for me: it’s an older style, so it’s unlikely to be around for much longer. She can’t make any promises about it being available when I come back. So either I have to commit today, or I risk losing it. (In hindsight, this could be considered a sales tactic, but until that second, there was no pressure to buy anything, plus according to Google, this dress was discontinued back in April, which was long before I would have come back to buy a dress. So she was right!)

Of course, my family is telling me that it’s up to me. But with everyone crying, plus the families of other brides telling me how great I look (that was another one of the nicest things about Kleinfeld – everyone was so supportive of each other, it was like one giant lovefest), the decision was easy. I said yes to the dress!

No, literally, my mother did her best Randy Fenoli and bellowed, “Are you saying YES to the DRESS?” so I actually did have to do that.

Want to see the big winner? Continue on, if you’re not Stallion …

Alita Graham 7809


The detail on the belt is my favorite part.

(both images via The Knot)

Yes, there are pictures of me wearing this beauty, but since I have silly faces in all of them, I won’t be posting them. Let’s just say I give this model a run for her money.

My only regret is that I have to wait so long before I can wear it again.

Overall, my Kleinfeld experience was first-rate. From the moment I walked in the door, I was treated like a queen. I was blown away at how well everything went. I may not have intended to find my wedding dress on the first shot, but things don’t always work out how you expect!

Kleinfeld, if you’re reading this, Katie is incredible, and I hope you do everything in your power to keep her around.

You know what’s coming – share your dress shopping experiences here! How long did it take for you to say yes to the dress?


2 thoughts on “In which I say a resounding YES to the dress!

  1. You look beautiful in that dress! Reading this made me cry all over again šŸ™‚

  2. […] when I bought my wedding dress, my consultant sealed the deal by popping a veil on my head. I believe this practice is called […]

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