It’s not just four years; it’s not life.

As I may have mentioned a time or two, I’m a sorority girl – Alpha Delta Pi, to be exact. Joining a sorority was hands down the best decision I made in college, and I stay involved with ADPi in an alumna capacity as much as possible. I met some of my dearest friends in the world through ADPi; I am proud to call these women my sisters.

I would love to sprinkle some sorority traditions into my wedding day. I haven’t decided exactly what I’ll do yet, but here are some awesome ideas I’ve found:

  • Cheers! ADPi has some great cheers that would pump up my sisters during the reception (and probably scare the rest of my guests).
  • Songs! I’ve heard of sorority sisters surrounding the bride and groom and serenading them with a song. Given that my chapter wasn’t particularly musically inclined, I’m not sure how this would go over.


(image via Pinterest/photo via Hudson Photography)

  • Garter! Believe it or not, ADPi does have a garter, presumably for weddings. It could also serve as my something blue! That is, if I was planning on doing a garter toss, which I don’t think is going to happen … but the ADPi garter is pretty cute nevertheless.


(via Sorority Spirit)

  • Flowers! ADPi’s flower is the woodland violet. Wouldn’t it be sweet to leave little violet corsages at each sister’s table setting? Probably cost-prohibitive, too.
  • Pins! Spoiler alert: I LOVE this idea – incorporating my sisters’ pins to my bouquet. I love the idea of having something of each of my sisters with me as I walk down the aisle. This could serve as my “something borrowed” to boot.


(via Nashville Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae)

  • Pictures! You can’t get a group of ADPis together without getting at least one picture throwing “diamonds”. This is already on the “must have” list for my photographer.


(image + photography via

So, Greek Bees, did you incorporate your sorority/fraternity traditions into your wedding day? If so, how?


One thought on “It’s not just four years; it’s not life.

  1. Jensey says:

    Thanks so much for giving photo credit- So rare for a lot of wedding bloggers out there! I love that you’re an Adpi- My little sister is and we’ve shot 5 of her sisters’ weddings- I like to think by now I’m an honorary member! 🙂

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