Save the date!

Budget = check.

Guest list = check.

Venue = check.

Next up? Spreading the word!

Sending save the dates are, in my opinion, 100% optional. Stallion and I thought it was a good idea for us because almost all of our guests will be coming from out of town, and we wanted to get hotel information in everyone’s faces as soon as possible. We ended up sending these about 10 months in advance of the wedding – way early, I know, but given that our guests will need to make travel plans, we figured earlier was better than later.

That said, we did not send save the dates to everyone on our invite list – right now, we are able to accommodate everyone on our list, but should our financial situation change between now and the wedding, we have some wiggle room to make cuts without having to actually rescind any invitations. Can you imagine that conversation? You know how I asked you to save the date? Just kidding …

Anyway. So we’re only sending save the dates to family and close friends in order to avoid any potential awkward situations.

Because we are not particularly creative, and because our printer is at least ten years old, Stallion and I never considered DIY save the dates. They look awesome – when other people do them. A three-year-old could make something far nicer than Stallion and I could ever hope to create. So we outsourced our save the dates to the pros.

Enter Wedding Paper Divas. Affordable, professional, and great customer service. The only downside was that they had SO much to choose from.

Long story short, Stallion and I found the perfect card, and thanks to our great engagement photo shoot, we had the perfect picture to use. And this is what our VIPs received in the mail…


Simple and to-the-point. We also took advantage of a Vistaprint deal to create little business cards with the hotel block information that we stuck in the envelopes.

In hindsight, the cards don’t say “formal invitation to follow” or anything like that, but no one seems to be confused, so I think we got away with that little blunder!

Did you send save the dates to your guests, and if so, when did you send them out?


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