Ain’t no party like an engagement party.

Given that my experience with weddings is extremely limited, it’s not entirely surprising that before I got engaged, I had never heard of an engagement party. Or maybe I had, but I didn’t realize they were actually a thing that real people did. Regardless, shortly after Stallion and I got engaged, my parents started talking about throwing us an engagement party.

I was kind of thrown for a loop. It wasn’t something I was particularly interested in, but my parents wanted to do it, so I relented. (And let’s be honest, it didn’t take that much convincing – any excuse for a party!)

Although Stallion and I got engaged at the end of August, the party wasn’t held until November (the Saturday after Thanksgiving, to be exact) – this was because we wanted the opportunity to celebrate with Stallion’s family, who lives in Charlotte, NC. We don’t get to see them too often, so it was especially nice for them to spend Thanksgiving with my family on top of the engagement party.

My parents held the party at a favorite Italian restaurant. They kept the guest list pretty small – just local family and friends – and it was a casual, laid-back atmosphere. Good food and good company made for great times had by all.


The only picture of us at the party, taken as we were about to leave. What can I say? The wine was flowing like water.
(personal photo)

There was so much love in the room; I was truly blown away. If our wedding reception is half as much fun as our engagement party, it is going to be a fabulous night.

Where do you all stand on engagement parties?


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