Engagement photos: not scary!

One of the first pieces of wisdom that Stallion and I picked up when starting to plan is to book your priority vendors first. For us, the biggest concern was photography. See, as good-looking as Stallion and I may be, we don’t really photograph all that well (shocking, I know). Whenever a camera is in the near vicinity, our features mutate into something truly horrifying.

Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit – but suffice it to say that neither of us loves the camera, and the feeling is mutual.

Anyway, the photographer we had in mind has a stellar reputation in the Cape May area. He works for a local weekly magazine in addition to his independent photography business, so we’d actually met and been photographed by him at various events around town in the past. His word-of-mouth reputation was stellar. His portfolio embodied exactly what we were hoping to capture at our wedding – lots of natural, relaxed photos where the personality of the subjects shone through. Nothing was too posed or too stuffy. Does any of that make sense?

In short, Stallion and I weren’t interested in looking at anyone else. Aleks was our man.

That said, we initially weren’t all that keen on engagement photos, because OMG SCARY CAMERA! But ultimately, we went for it – we don’t have many nice pictures of us together, it was included in our package, and at the end of the day, it was an opportunity for us to get to know Aleks a little better and vice versa. He was able to figure out what worked for us in terms to making us look our best on film, and we were able to learn how to relax in front of a camera. The thought of being photographed non-stop on our wedding day isn’t quite as scary anymore.

Anyway, I think the results speak for themselves – Stallion and I definitely made the right call working with Aleks. We had a great experience and look forward to working with him again in April.

(All photos courtesy of http://www.alekseyphotography.com – these were taken at the Mt. Vernon Avenue beach in Cape May.)








Come on, we couldn’t do this without representing our alma mater, right?

What were your “priority vendors”? Who did you book first?


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